Little Quilts

Today I am quilting the last border on the church quilt. It is a really pretty day and I hope to spend time on the porch. I am planning to stitch tiny little quilts next. I have started a autumn flying geese and I hope to complete it. Next I would like to used traditional Lancaster County, PA. colors and try to create some of their beautiful patterns in miniature. Long ago I made a sunshine and shadow wall quilt and incorporated their Amish star quilting pattern. On the border I used a hearts and a vine pattern. I will take a photo for you. In 1976 when I first started quilting I attended a quilt show in Wayne, PA. I had the fortune to meet the creator of ARDCO templates. I truly enjoy hand work, these templates are made to accurately mark the cutting and the sewing line. Joy! Even if I only have a small scrap, I can be sure it will be usable by testing with the template. If you google these templates are still available. Most folks today and most books also use rotary cutting techniques in place of templates. So you have a choice. There are several things about creating with fabric that really bring me enjoyment. First is the creativity. Many of the patterns for quilt blocks are historical. The name of the quilt block can even tell a story like king David’s crown or Road to Oklahoma, but the quilt you create will be unlike anyone else has ever made. The fabric you choose, the setting of the blocks, sashing, and borders all make it unique. Please do not be imitated by all the photos of prize wining quilts. Go ahead and express yourself. Remember, only God is perfect. Some of my quilts, well, they kinda of run uphill or downhill, truly. But I had hours of pleasure and prayers creating what I hoped would bless another. It does not have to be hand sewing, but I encourage you to express yourself creatively. It is good for your mind, your heart and your spirit. God wants us to love each other. Sewing has given me a way to touch another. What creative activity do you enjoy that you could use to bless another? God bless, Trudy

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