Begining Anew – Making a Home

You have found a new place and you are ready to make it a home. What do you do first? First you pray. Next, you clean and paint. When we came to Crisfield, a pastor came to call and welcome us. We asked him to bless our new home. It was a great way to begin our life here. If you have been dreaming as I did, you have in your mind lots of ideas for colors. I would encourage you to create a foundation with paint in a soft neutral color. Think of a quilt. Even a scrap quilt needs one constant color like bleached or unbleached muslin to tie it all together. This wall paint color will be the foundation for all the colors you love. It is very important to know that all paint colors are different in different light. I once had a beautiful soft grey that I used on one wall. Depending on the time of day the wall color had hints of lavender. It was really pretty. White paint can have tones of yellow, tan, green etc. My solution was to find an item in the color I loved and bring it with me to the paint store. In our living room the focal point is a shelf with a quilt and pieces of Wedgwood. This blue I wanted to continue in the kitchen so I took a piece of the china with me to the paint store and the color was perfect with white trim. Joy! Blue and white has always been a favorite of mine. I love to decorate my home for each season. When I made my curtains I used white sheets so I could change the tie-backs. Picture the curtains pulled back with burlap for fall, a red check for winter and a blue gingham for spring and summer. I followed up the tie-backs by also changing the pillow tops on my sofa, the quilt I display and my old post-cards. Changing them out using the same frame. As with the paint, the light in the room changes with the time of day. Please wait to hang items on the wall until after all else is in place. I will admit I learned this the hard way. Plaster walls crumble! If you are renting you definitely want to make as few nail holes as possible. Mistakes can be fixed with putty for wall board but you will need to have saved some of the paint. I learned that there is a paint for covering water spots on the ceiling. Joy! There is also a paint made just for bathrooms with high moisture. Yea! While you are in transition, please do not make purchases. Make a pretty wreath to welcome folks, sew items like curtains, table cloths, napkins, pot holders etc. If you are lucky enough to have a handwritten recipe from someone you love google for ideas. Things like that really say HOME. Once the things you love are in place you might discover that something you now have can be used in a different way. We have a dry sink that has served as a pantry, an entrance piece and now serves in the living room. Live with things and then have fun looking for a need. God bless you, Trudy


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