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On my last post I shared the story of being part of married couple for over fifty years.  I have had fun looking at different blogs on the internet about home decor.  I noticed a lot of similarities as I viewed a lot of lovely homes.  Then I read about the interest in organizing your home and even information on minimalism.  We are, all of us, constantly encouraged to see beauty and to create an atmosphere of a safe, ordered haven for ourselves and those that we share our home with.

In the years of my employment I have had an opportunity to visit many young families beginning to make a home.  I decided to share with you my thoughts and ideas to assist you who may be creating a new life in a new place?  This may be a first apartment, or maybe starting over in a new role in your life.  Life is always moving forward.  Change is a part of life. There is a book called “Who moved my cheese?”  by Spencer Johnson that deals with the human resistance to change. Change to our minds can mean uncertainty. We know the situation we are in, the loss we have experienced, and we may be very reluctant to change. Scripture explains to us that “To everything there is a season.” Ecclesiastes 3-1.  Flowers bloom, they nurture our hearts feed other life, then die.  If you are facing a change it is my hope that in some way, I may help you discover more about yourself, encourage you as you move forward and remind you that “we walk forward in faith.”2nd Corinthians 3-7.

To create a place that you call home requires you to discover what you delight in. What brings you joy?  All you need to start is a piece of paper and pencil.  Please do not think about finances at this time. This is the time for dreaming.  What is your favorite color?  What is your favorite flower?  Where are you happiest; beach, woods, mountains, lake side or city-scape?  Take time and ponder times in your life you were really happy. Where were you?  I have lived in many different places but my guide to creating a home always was guided by remembered times of love.  It is very important to my well being that I have some chairs for folks to sit and a small table to serve refreshments. My husband needs a recliner and a lamp. We both need a bed.  This would be our list of basic needs for furniture.  Most manufactured homes and apartments come equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. Many also have blinds or curtains included also.  What about a refrigerator?

Please think about things you need.  OK, now think about your wants. You need shelter. You need to be able to pay to have a place to live, for electricity, food and water.  These are necessities.  A TV, air conditioner, dish washer, fan, are wants.  What is important is that you have what you need to live. You then budget the funds coming in with meeting these needs. Waiting for a want is definitely worth meeting needs.  I am speaking from my heart when I say this is the foundation of a home.  Having expenses is part of life. Living above your means is not compatible with a happy home. 

The true magic of a beautiful home comes from the harmony that greets you at the door. This atmosphere is created not by beautiful things, but by feelings.  I found a chair at a flea market. All I did to it was to purchase some gold skeleton leaf decals and use a staple gun to create a new seat cover.  Almost 20 years later I am still using this chair.  It has given friends a place to sit with me. It has allowed me to share time and company.  A little 10-dollar chair. 

The $10 Chair

Please make a list about things that bless your heart.  With this list I will work with you as we

Please make a list about things that bless your heart.  With this list I will work with you as we brain-storm ideas to create your own little house of blessings.

Believe in the One who believes in you.
Miss Trudy

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