Reflections on 2018

This is the perfect time for reflection, prayer and release.
Reflect on all that the year closing has brought forth.
Give it all away! Give God thanks for all the blessings of
ordinary days. Give Him any regrets, sorrows and pain.
You see, Jesus was human and He experienced all. He
saw human suffering, experienced pain, was betrayed,
and publicly humulated.
Now ask, ask for a stronger faith for the days ahead.
Talk to Him. Ask Him what work He has for you to do.
Listen with an open mind. Ask for His guidance. Ask to
be a instrument of His grace.
Now make a plan. Have a goal to reach and write it out.
I hope to touch hearts with faith and love. I want to use
my experience and knowledge to give an understanding
of early childhood development. Know we are never
alone. Know we are loved.

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