Today, Friday December seventh one-hundred and seventeen years ago my father was born. The year was 1901. It is hard for me to visualize what life was like at that time. I do know that his dad worked two jobs his entire adult life. His mom took in laundry. It was a large family and even young children contributed to the family income as best they could. I can not begin to imagine what daily life was like but I do know he was bullied because he was short of stature and his eyes were crossed. He was too young for World War I, but he worked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. This was extremely dangerous place. Men hung from rigging off the side of the great battle ships and hot rivets were tossed to them!

My mom had been given in service to a doctor and his wife at the age of fourteen. Mom was happy to serve and told me she learn cooking and housekeeping skills. My parents married in 1925 and the first thing they did was to have the muscle of one of Dad’s eye cut so he was not cross eyed. This also blinded him in that eye. My folks had five young children during the Great Depression. I came into their lives when dad was 46 years of age. The best gift I was given was a strong foundation of faith. I was raised to be a nurturer and taught how to make do and be grateful. Before his death I was in the hospital and somehow he found a nursing supervisor to bring me a message:”Daddy loves his little girl.” I was fifty-two years old. I wanted to share the love story of one man that truly loved his God, his wife, his children and his country. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you too!

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