Fun With Christmas Cards

Miss Trudy!
Hello, I had to take over the kitchen table. Patrick helped me take pictures so l could share with you.

Friends save old greeting cards for me, so I have lots! First I use the fronts of pretty cards to make new cards. I remove the back and place the front on a folded piece of white paper and cut to fit. I use another piece of paper to make the envelope. If the front inside of the card has not been written on you can create post card. Be sure to measure the card front so it Measures 3 by 5 inches. I also made package decorations, gift tags, bookmark, ornaments, table favors and tiny houses. The pattern for the tiny houses is downloadable from

You can also make small gift boxes Have fun

stacks of greeting cards Creativity is messy!
Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations.
tabletop figures All this was once a greeting card front with the back of the card cut and folded so it will stand

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